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Heisse Johnson Hand Up Fund
In honor of Dr. Heisse Johnson
A Warm Heart Assures Warm Bodies



Heisse Johnson Hand Up Fund Flyer

Fund Contributions
Designated gifts from generous customers of Atmos Energy, Johnson City Power Board, and as of June 2013 the Jonesborough Water Dept. are forwarded to the United Way of Washington County TN for deposit into an account exclusively used for Hand Up. Every cent donated to Hand Up goes directly to help people. The United Way of Washington County TN also accepts direct donations.

How Do We Help?
Those needing Hand Up assistance receive aid through The Salvation Army and Good Samaritan Ministries, who screen prospects for eligibility. The United Way of Washington County TN administers the fund and pays the bills. Funds purchase oil, kerosene, propane, wood, coal, and help pay Johnson City Power Board, Atmos Energy, and Jonesborough Water Dept. bills. A person may receive assistance up to $150 during the year. Any medical emergencies and overrides must be cleared by the Hand Up Chairperson or Vice Chairperson. Hand Up also assists elderly neighbors with help year round with their utility bills through the options outreach program of The First Tennessee Development District.

Adult_Day_Services.jpgOur History
At its inception in 1989, this program (formerly the Heisse Johnson Keeping Warm Program) served 135 clients and dispensed $7,038.51. Through the generosity of the Power Board and Atmos Energy customers and direct contributors, this program has expanded significantly. In the last 6 years, Hand Up aided an average of 790 clients and dispensed $502,395.00. ($83,733.00 annually)

How Can You Help?
Hand Up depends upon caring individuals for its support. Through the Johnson City Power Board, Atmos Energy, and the Jonesborough Water Dept. you can designate a monthly amount on your electric, gas or water/sewer bill(s). This designated amount will be included on your bill from your utility company, and upon receipt of payment, this designated sum is forwarded to the United Way of Washington County TN for the Hand Up Fund. You can make an individual gift designated for Hand Up and send it to:


United Way of Washington County TN
P.O. Box 4039
Johnson City, TN 37602-4039


The Hand Up Committee
These utility companies have joined with the Johnson City/Washington County Ministerial Fellowship, The Salvation Army, Good Samaritan Ministries and the United Way of Washington County TN. The committee extends THANKS to these agencies and individuals who together have made this program a viable means of keeping people warm. Thank you for warming a heart today.